Landmark Custom Homes. Steps ahead.

As a leading Custom Home Builder in South Florida, Landmark Custom Homes was ready for a fresh new brand identity which coincided with their expansion to the waterfront market in addition to the multi-million dollar country club and acreage estates for which they are well known. The challenge for GBR was to create a logo that was unique among custom builders, represented their brand essence and gave Landmark a look that was clean and contemporary, yet timeless. GBR Associates conducted an in-depth brand audit and discovered a parallel between Landmark’s analytical, carefully-planned approach to home building and the approach used by a master chess player at the top of his game. Both require pre-planning, a thoughtful strategy and the ability to make adjustments as new challenges arise. Success in home building as in chess is directly related to experience, which is not only one of Landmark’s strengths, but is often the determining factor when a client hires them to build their custom home.