Old Palm Golf Club.

When a new ownership group acquired the ultra-exclusive Old Palm Golf Club with the intent to restart construction and new home sales in the 3rd Quarter of 2011, GBR Associates was hired to rebrand and reintroduce Old Palm to the upscale Golf Club market. It had been several years since any new homes had been built at Old Palm and it was critical for the market to perceive Old Palm as all-new. The new look was achieved with a re-visioning of the brand included a revised logo which retained a relationship with the brand heritage while bringing it up to date. A dramatic new color scheme and new design language with cleaner sans-serif typography for body copy was implemented sending a clear message that this club was fresh and current in it’s approach to luxury.

Strategically, Old Palm is significant as a case-study because it was the only large-scale, multi-product golf club community in South Florida launching a new home sales effort after the communications revolution of the mid 2000s changed the way people get and share information. A fully integrated campaign was launched using print, digital and social media targeting an upscale audience while allowing qualified prospects to connect with and learn about Old Palm on their terms.

The results have been dramatic with over $62 million in sales in just the first 6 months of 2013 alone.